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AFAMSA (Agrupación de Fabricantes de Aceites Marinos, S.A.) started out in 1965 with the fusion of a number of fish oil and fish meal producers.

At that time, extracting value from the by-products of the fishing industry was the objective; this is still true today with the integration of the major national producers into the company.

Over these 50 years, the company has gained a wealth of experience in processing fish oil obtained from sustainable sources. This experience makes AFAMSA a highly respected market leader in this industry.

Over time the company diversified its activity, starting with the processing of various fractions of palm oil into products which are mainly used as animal feeds.

Our success would not have been possible without our talented workforce and a dynamic, innovative infrastructure. These factors have been key to the complete renovation of the plant. We now have new, modern processing facilities incorporating the latest technological and process automation advances. With a strong focus on food safety we have reduced our environmental impact and increased energy efficiency.

Our facilities are strategically located close to Vigo in the northwest of Spain, a major fishing port and a logistics hub in maritime traffic with connections to all the major destinations of the world.

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